iConvertFile Optimize image

Lossless optimization and compress JPG or PNG image in seconds

Uploading file

How to optimize and compress image online for FREE:

  • select-icon Choose file

    Click on Choose image and select image for optimization and compression. You can upload JPG, PNG, JPEG image formats.

  • upload-icon Upload file

    After selecting image, click on Upload image button to upload the image to the server for optimization and compression.

  • download-icon Download PNG image

    In an instance, you'll get the optimized image with lossless compression. Click on Download button to save the image.

  • server

    We do not save your personal files on our servers. All files are set to delete automatically after the conversion and downloading process is completed.

    Temporarily files are saved in our secure servers with assurences of higher security and safest file transmission.

    Just like you, we don't like spammers. That is why We do not collect any personal information of user or their system.

    We do not compromise with quality. Which is why converted file quality will be as good as the original file.